Monday, June 04, 2007


Large Format Scanner

I have been looking for a way to scan my 12" by 13" scrapbook pages.

The largest consumer scanners I could find were 8.5" by 14". I tried using a camera and a tripod, but I was getting reflections off my glossy prints and having focus problems.

Finally, I tried stitching together several scans of the same page, and it looked great!

I have an HP Scanjet G3010 photo scanner.

I used the included HP Photosmart Premier software which includes a panorama stitching utility. I was worried that you would be able to see the stitch line, especially in high resolution photographs, but I was very pleasantly surprised.

The only place you can see any stitching is on the edge, and I could have cropped that out.

My stitched pages are at April 1985. They were all scanned in two passes.

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